….are inspired by a multitude of styles, from bands such as Pink Floyd, Genesis, Yes, Porcupine Tree, Spock's Beard, Flower Kings, Rush, Dream Theater.........

At the end of 2016 a2RK released their debut CD entitled 'Papillon'.

1. 'Papillon Theme', where it all began. Inspired by the cancer diagnosis and subsequent treatment of Kelvyn's wife using the Papillon technique, this instrumental sets the mood of the CD.
2. 'Wings Of Hope', a progressive rocker in a 70’s feel which takes the symbol of hope of Papillon and really gives it some air.
3. 'St. Martins West', reflections of childhood memories within a symphonic, majestic rock song.

In November 2017, following the tragic loss of their friend and drummer Adi, they released their 2nd CD entitled ‘prdctbl:’.

1. 'prdctbl:', the title track – written by Andy, who features on lead vocal, acoustic guitar, drums and bass.
2. 'Tears' – written by Roy, who features on all instruments of this ambient composition, touching on the emotional subject of loss.
3. 'China Dawn' – Kelv's sensual, poetic musings of a fragrant Oriental day-break.

In October 2019, a2RK released their 3rd CD entitled ‘Morlich:’.

Inspired by a short piece of music written by Andy on acoustic guitar, the Morlich Suite took shape with both Roy and Kelvyn taking the theme and expanding it through their own interpretations of the music into complete, majestic and awe-inspiring compositions.

The inspiration behind the creation of a suite of related compositions entitled Morlich was through Kelv’s experiences of the majestic Cairngorms of the Scottish Highlands, based upon his musings and ultimately lyrics, regaling stories and impressions from many visits over the years.

These compositions were then fused and honed by the band as a whole, into what became the Morlich Suite.

1. ‘Glenmore (Just You and I)' – reflections of Loch Morlich and the Cairns – journey through idyllic, pine-coned landscape to arrive at the shores of Morlich – a song of great appreciation and, moreover a song of Love. A song of many parts – written by Kelv with contributions from Andy, Roy and Alex.
2. 'Usquebaugh' – the original instrumental that inspired the whole suite, written and performed by Andy and taken to another level by Alex’ lead work. Close your eyes, get the nose, kick back and enjoy the Water of Life.
3. 'Ben Macdui' – an imposing, instrumental piece written by Roy. A fearsome storm rages over the mountain (Macdui) – an awesome, wild, yet ultimately tranquil place of magnificence and beauty – reflected by the storm subsiding into a silence broken only by the sound of the rain. 
4. 'Return to Morlich' – written by Roy, the song takes the original theme as its influence. Kelv’s lyrics tell of a return to this haven – “My spirit free”, as the song explores the concepts of Beauty, Light and Darkness.

a2RK is enormously proud of these CDs, as they are definitive representations of their progression towards refining and perfecting their art and defining their own unique style and character.

With new members Jack on bass and Alex on guitar, they feel that the line-up is complete, giving them even more sonic and musical capability and potential - the future is looking very exciting as they continue to write, record and perform their unique and original music.

So, join a2RK on their epic journey – follow them on social media, buy their CDs, tell your friends and see them performing live somewhere near you very soon…..